SECURITY 情報セキュリティ基本方針

With both business production service businesses and sales outsourcing businesses, the OPEN Group Group, which consists of OPEN Group, OPEN ASSOCIATES JAPAN, LEAGLE, SEGMENT, RPA Technologies, and RPA Engineering, has formulated the following Basic Information Security Policy and pledges here to work to securely handle information in order to thoroughly and appropriately protect all information assets that the Group handles, including those related to services provided to clients.

The OPEN Group Group’s executives and employees strive to increase trust, ensure security, and maintain confidentiality by recognizing the importance of information security, conducting routine operations as stipulated by the information security management system (ISMS), and continually making improvements.

1. Increasing trust

The Group shall prevent the loss, theft, unauthorized use, and leak of information assets and shall properly protect the information assets of both clients and the Group in order to increase trust in its information security.

2. Scope of application

The ISMS shall apply to all business operations conducted at the Group’s offices.

3. Ensuring security

If there is a security incident within the Group, efforts shall be made to quickly determine the cause, implement countermeasures, and minimize the impact of the incident.

4. Protecting confidentiality

In addition to conducting educational and training activities related to information security for all employees, the Group shall strive to thoroughly adhere to established policies.

5. Compliance

The Group shall thoroughly fulfill its duties related to security stipulated in laws, ordinances, and contracts with clients.

6. Continual improvements

The Group shall establish and maintain a management system to continually conduct and improve information security activities.

Tomomichi Takahashi
OPEN Group, Representative Director

Enacted: June 1, 2013
Revised: March 1, 2017