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MISSION Combining wisdom and technology to create new businesses and bring in a joyful new era where individuality shines brightly.

OUR WILL Why did we choose this mission?

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We want to look directly at the social issues facing Japan while leading the next generation, who will carry Japan on their shoulders, into the future.

Since our founding, OPEN Group' mission has been "Combining wisdom and technology to create new businesses for a joyful new era where individuality can shine brightly." Even in the midst of the digital information revolution of the last few decades, we remain committed to the idea that people are ultimately the priority. Our ideal society is one in which customers, partners, employees, shareholders, and people globally can work together to achieve a brighter future.
However, there are still people around the world who are unable to express their individuality. In addition, there is a major problem in front of us: a decrease in the Japanese workforce. Through the introduction of a new workforce of virtual intellectual workers (digitial laborers) we aim to create a society where everyone can hone in on their strengths and let their individuality shine, leaving monotonous tasks behind. We have been and will continue to use technology to break down barriers that limit the expression of every person's unique talents.

Co-founder and Representative Director,
Tomomichi Takahashi

共同創業者 取締役 大角 暢之

Creating a society that excites the human spirit

We initially decided to start Bizrobot was because we felt we needed to help Japanese mothers. When we thought of Japanese children, we recognized that what they see most is their mother's face. The mothers' faces are wrinkled and stern, tired from work. Our business originated from the desire to make these mothers happeir and more liberated. We believe the most important thing is to find out what energy is coming from your heart, to examine it carefully, and then try to release and express that energy. We would like to create an environment where all people with ambitions, young and old, man and woman, can exercise their abilities and can come together to share their energy and express themselves.

Co-founder and Director,
Nobuyuki Ohsumi


In order to achieve our mission, we operate our business based on the following value standards. We will do our best to express these values through our actions and work with empathy.

Ownership & Speed

Take ownership of your actions
and results, and evolve at an
overwhelming speed that is second to none.

"Ownership" means that everyone thinks, acts, and takes responsibility for their actions and the results of those actions. While respecting each others individuality, we demonstrate varying talents in our areas of expertise. We achieve great results because this principle is strongly present in our teamwork.

"Speed" represents our desire to catch the evolutionary wave of the digital information revolution, to humbly improve ourselves, and strive to provide services that meet the changing needs of our customers. In a few years, other companies may be able to accomplish what we are doing now-- However, we value our ability to quickly grasp the trends of the times and deliver what is required faster than anyone else.

At OPEN Group, it is precisely because each and every one of us has ownership that we are able to launch businesses at an unparalleled speed. To this end, we are committed to being the fastest to make progress in our field.

PRINCIPLE Our Code of Conduct


Public good

We consider ourselves a public institution, existing to move society towards a brighter future. Together with all of our stakeholders, we aim to realize a "joyous era in which individuality shines."


Aim for excellence

We aim for excellence by always staying aware, thinking of solutions, and being able to act independently. We take responsibility for our results while growing and co-creating with others.


Enjoy fully

As a member of a society that is leading the way in an era of diversity, we will fully enjoy and do our best to demonstrate our individuality, provide value, and generously return our achievements to society.


Teamwork and growth

In the process of creating and scaling up a business, there are times when we work individually and times when we work as a team, combining the wisdom and skills of individuals. We believe that it is important to develop leaders who not only pursue individual success, but also have a team-oriented attitude toward business.


Change = Chance

Times are constantly changing, and with the current digital information revolution, the business world is changing at an even faster pace. Change is chance. Individuals likewise cannot survive unless they see change as an opportunity for self-growth, to learn and continue to act.The concept of "Change = Chance" is our value system and management philosophy.

We are looking for colleagues to solve social issues together with us.