BUSINESS オープングループの事業

Since its inception, our group has been working to realize a prosperous society through the creation of new businesses, under the corporate philosophy "Combining wisdom and technology to create new businesses and bring in a joyful new era where individuality can shine brightly."
We are engaged in new business creation using virtual intellectual labor (Digital Labor), and are developing our business with the aim of solving the social issues of declining birthrate, an aging society, and the rapid decrease in working population.

Robot Outsourcing

Providing a new workforce. BizRobo! is a "software robot" which learns our everyday tasks and automatically accomplishes them at an exceptional speed. BizRobo! frees everyone from monotonous routine tasks.

BizRobo !

Freeing All Workers from Routine Tasks

Increase your productivity by delegating tedious tasks to BizRobo!
Create a better work environment by avoiding human errors in simple tasks, chronic worker shortages, and manual labor.


Robot Transformation

We are working to redefine the robotics industry, and create a society where people and robots can work together in harmony.
In the inefficient online advertising industry, which continues to have a legacy agency structure, we aim to redefine the industry’s structure by introducing robots to provide added value.


Robots x Online Advertising

In a world inundated with information, PRESCO aims to help users make essential decisions.
We use robots and AI to organize and deliver relevant information so that users can make proactive decisions.


Robot As A Service

Robot As A Service (RaaS) provides services with general-purpose robots.
We are currently developing RoboRobo, a cloud service that improves productivity by automating back-office operations.


Cloud-based back office efficiency tools

No more labor-intensive back-office operations— they can all be automated.
We combine the strengths of both humans and automation to improve the efficiency of your back office operations.


New Business Support & Creation

In addition to investment support, we provide hyper automation, RPA-centered technology resources, and knowledge from our business experience in order to co-create value that contributes to the future of Japan.


So entrepreneurs can focus on value creation

We support entrepreneurs by investing in them and by providing them with the hyper-automation capabilities that we have been developing since our inception.
By automating back office operations and visualizing the business situation, we can dramatically increase productivity and help you focus on essential value creation.