Brightening society
with technology and ideas.

OPEN Group co-creatively solves social issues related to the decrease
in working population, while striving to realize a society that
celebrates individuality.



Combining wisdom and technology to create new businesses and bring in a joyful new era where individuality can shine brightly.

Around the world, people find themselves swamped with monotonous routine tasks and lacking opportunities to express individuality in their work. At the same time, we are faced with a societal challenge: the decrease in working population. We aim to solve these problems with technology and innovative ideas, eliminating routine tasks from the workplace, and creating a society where everyone is free to focus on their interests and let their individuality shine.


Centered on "robot outsourcing" and "robot transformation", we are developing businesses that provide a next-generation labor force through digital labor (RPA) as well as businesses that utilize robots and AI.
In addition to RPA, we are working to solve new business and social issues using a variety of cutting-edge technologies.


Solving social issues with technology

Robot Outsourcing
Robot Transformation

We are committed to solving social issues through our business. We devise inspirational solutions that are not only financially sound, but also address societal issues. To promptly meet the needs of clients and customers, we aim to evolve RPA (robot) technology and create a digital workforce capable of operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at unparalleled speed.



Support and create companies that will lead the next generation

New Business Support

OPEN Group is committed to creating and providing opportunities for people of all ages who have aspirations to pioneer the next generation. We provide a variety of learning programs and digital education, as well as creating employment opportunities through the establishment of new businesses and joint ventures.





We are looking for people who will work towards our mission together.

Now hiring new graduates, mid-career workers, and interns

At OPEN Group, we launch new businesses and expand the business development of companies which utilize RPA and other new technologies. If you want to tackle social issues, take on new challenges, experience organizational and personal growth, and utilize robots and other technologies in your work, let's talk.